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Membranes ‘stuck’ to the inside of the cervix wall are loosened during an internal exam.

By stripping them out, the hormones that encourage cervix dilation are released, which can act as a catalyst for labour.

When both baby and mother are in good health there are no medical reasons for inducing the birth.

Various choices, such as waiting, stripping the membranes or inducing labour are completely up to yourself and your partner.

We know that placenta function tends to taper off during the end of a pregnancy; it may not supply all of the baby’s needs. The risk of faeces (meconium) coming from the baby and into the amniotic fluid increases after the calculated due date.

We don’t exactly know whether and when this will happen.

Not many women give birth on the calculated due date. Labour usually takes place between 37 and 42 weeks.

This is the period of term expected in a normal pregnancy.

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After these tests it is up to you whether to induce labour or not.

Approximately 10% of all pregnancies last longer than 41 weeks.

Should you give birth before 37 weeks, this is considered a premature birth.

The midwife does this by ‘stripping’ the membranes from the cervix wall.

This can be done from the calculated due date (40 weeks).

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