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We were convinced the car was going to be Erica’s patient of the week, but instead Erica gets a week off from helping others to voice-over about secrets. Erica has quickly forgotten about Adam and has moved on to lovers paradise with Kai, who leaves her a voicemail about a date.Julianne overhears and naturally wants Erica to dish, but Erica is mum on the identity of her mystery man.The Fraser River has warmed by nearly 2ºC since the 1950s, with the last 20 years being some of the warmest on record.High river temperatures have been associated with the high mortality.River Rock is “a sausage fest” and the 50/50 gals are “covering the estro market” with some prime titles (Sweet Dreams, Kitty and Osso Barko?) and River Rock “wants a piece of their pie.” Clunky sexual innuendo aside, Julianne doesn’t even want to meet with Galven, but Erica’s new realization that she’ll be dead in 8 years lights a fire under her.She agrees to the meeting, where River Rock offers each of them 0,000 for 50/50 and another 0,000 for six-months of a five year contract.Who knew niche publishing out of a club/restaurant/coffee shop could be so lucrative?

There are more than 100 distinct populations of sockeye salmon in the Fraser River watershed and to spawn, each population completes a unique migration route that varies in distance, elevation gain, river temperature and river flow.

Tom’s office, which might mean that he dies in the Union Station attacks of 2019.

#Oh No • Why on earth would a doctor (of medicine, not time travel) who works in a hospital opt for the more out-there method of water birth?

) • Thank goodness Kai emerges shirtless from Erica’s bedroom—we were worried with Adam’s departure there wouldn’t be any male pulchritude on display. Is there some way to tell the passage of time without awful wigs?

#Oh Brother • Future Erica cries after she leaves Dr.

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