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(I) "Domiciliary state" means the state in which an insurer is incorporated or organized, or, in the case of an alien insurer, its state of entry. (M) "Guaranty association" means the Ohio insurance guaranty association created by section 3955.06 of the Revised Code and any other similar entity hereafter created by the general assembly for the payment of claims of insolvent insurers.

(J) "Fair consideration" is given for property or obligation when either of the following apply:(1) When in exchange for such property or obligation, as a fair equivalent therefor, and in good faith, property is conveyed, services are rendered, an obligation is incurred, or an antecedent debt is satisfied; (2) When such property or obligation is received in good faith to secure a present advance or antecedent debt in an amount not disproportionately small as compared to the value of the property or obligation obtained. "Foreign guaranty association" means any similar entities now in existence in or hereafter created by the legislature of any other state.

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For purposes of sections 3903.01 to 3903.59 of the Revised Code, any other persons included under section 3903.03 of the Revised Code are deemed to be insurers.

No court has jurisdiction to entertain, hear, or determine any delinquency proceeding commenced by any other person.

(B) No court of this state has jurisdiction to entertain, hear, or determine any complaint praying for the dissolution, liquidation, rehabilitation, sequestration, conservation, or restraining order, preliminary injunction, or permanent injunction, or other relief preliminary to, incidental to, or relating to delinquency proceedings other than in accordance with sections 3903.01 to 3903.59 of the Revised Code.

(B) The receivership, conservator, rehabilitator, or liquidator may apply to any court outside of this state for any relief described in division (A) of this section.

(A) Any officer, manager, director, trustee, owner, employee, or agent of any insurer, or any other persons with authority over or in charge of any segment of the insurer's affairs, shall cooperate with the superintendent of insurance in any proceeding under sections 3903.01 to 3903.59 of the Revised Code or any investigation preliminary to the proceeding.

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