Japanese reality tv dating show

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What do you get when you put six telegenic strangers in a stylish house and everyone — by reality TV standards — is generally polite to one another?

The Japanese-language Netflix series “Terrace House,” a reality show produced by the subscription streaming service and Japan’s Fuji Television.

Conflicts are hashed out in “family meeting”-style discussions and center on incidents like eating someone’s food without asking or questioning someone’s life plan.

Cast members usually set out specific goals they hope to achieve during their time on the show, whether it’s mastering English or launching their own clothing brand.

The way they talk to each other is just trying to get as much information as they can in a short time to get to know each other,” said Bitaraf, a freelance film production coordinator and the owner of a clothing brand.

The exchange can cross over into off-screen life, too, like for former cast member Yusuke Aizawa.

“But there's something whispering in your ear to keep watching.

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Part four of the season is scheduled for release on Sept. The show's toned-down appeal has even bewildered some of its former cast members, like Arman Bitaraf who joined the cast of “Boys & Girls in the City” as the show’s only American housemate and spent almost a year in Tokyo.“For me, I grew up watching ’Jersey Shore‘ and all of those American reality shows. Because for my taste in TV shows, it would be kind of boring.”Bitaraf was born in Japan and spent part of his childhood there before moving to Hawaii.The series has gained an international following, spawning threads on Reddit, building up a fanbase in the U.S., and inspiring informal “Terrace House” tours of locales featured on the show.“They really are like another family.”Follow NBC Asian America on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.Even if you've never heard of the Japanese reality TV show Terrace House, you’ll recognize its premise: Six attractive young people live together in a house full of cameras.

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