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When a reporter emailed her about this story late last month, an auto response came back saying she is “out of the office indefinitely.” A reporter was present at Tuesday night’s council meeting, but Cavazos rushed out a side-door exit as soon as the meeting ended and before the reporter could approach him for comment.

An attempt to reach him after the meeting was unsuccessful.

It could also open the city to legal liability if a manager tries to discipline or fire that employee, Perego said, because the employee could view it as retaliation for a breakup or a bad argument.

“In this day and age, it is a significant liability to the organization,” Perego said.

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The union is currently negotiating a new labor contract with city leaders.

that ultimately reports to the city manager,” Perego said.

“The relationship just clouds the whole issue,” she said.

She’d like the site to help liberate these people, living in silent shame and agony, much as gays did before they gained the confidence and security to come out.

“I’m going to be the spokesperson for this movement,” she said.

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