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Theft of personal information is replacing privacy.

Regulatory confiscation is replacing personal property. Election rigging is replacing the sacred, secret ballot.” “President Trump can take a big step toward helping fix this mess with the stroke of his pen by funding our Miller Act claim.” 17 years of FREE use is over In their cover letter to President Trump, Leader shareholders propose a powerful solution to the 17 years of property theft by the federal government.

Readers are encouraged to send this post and the Leader Tier II Miller Act Notice by its shareholders to your elected representatives.

They need to support the Rule of Law and show respect for real inventors and their risk-taking shareholders.

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What the thieves have done is the opposite—they have twisted our designs 180 degrees to complete disrespect for privacy and property.” “Just read their user license agreements. At every turn they are showing disdain for The Bill of Rights.—Cover letter to President Donald Trump from many hundreds of Leader shareholders across America beginning to send Tier II Miller Act Notices to the White House asking the federal government to finally pay them for using their social networking invention for the last 17 year, since 2000 when Clinton national security advisor James P.Chandler, III first learned of Leader's innovation. The federal government and its Deep State shadow government military-industrial cronies have enjoyed FREE use of Leader Technologies' social networking invention for 17 years. Then going forward, Leader must be paid a license fee for the ongoing benefits received from the use of their invention.The government used the freshly-minted IBM Eclipse Foundation A “Tier II” Miller Act Notice allows unpaid subcontractors of subcontractors to federal projects to also get paid.Leader’s shareholders supplied financial resources used to help Mc Kibben and Leader invent social networking in the late 1990’s—while Mark Zuckerberg was just leaving junior high school.

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