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Why a 3way splitter if only cable internet and tv being used?There is a 3 way splitter because the line coming from the street is feeding 1) the cable modem, 2) TV #1 , 3) TV #2As far as the signal to the box, Cox looked at the line from their end, at least the tier 1 tech and had no issues with it. I do suspect that there may be an issue with the server supplying the update for the box.For some reason, I felt that in this day and age that a hardware/firmware failure out of the box was remote.The box had no problem with the connection handshake, it showed a checkmark or something on the TV screen when it connected. I was surprised that a brand new box would need a mandatory update.It feels to me that the support that I had cannot instruct anything other than power cycling, otherwise it goes to a field tech. Neither of which anyone on the phone will be able to fix. There is only one line, so I don't understand what you mean by working one??If the box won't update it is either 1 of 2 things.1. Have you tried that box on the line the working one is using? I did not try the second box, though I thought about it.

An on-screen initialising message will show on your Sky box when it’s time to update.

I know there is nothing wrong in the house, internet router modem works fine, TV tunes analog and digital channels fine directly without the box.

I am miffed that I cannot get any higher level technical phone support.

It is important that you keep the Homestead basebox installed in your local machine up to date, since this often contains latest versions of PHP, Node JS and other toolset that you needed to take advantage of the newest Laravel features.

To update the version, assuming you had cloned the homestead repository on ~/Homestead folder.

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